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    Hi folks

    Stupid question but im booking my exams just now and noticed on the CAA portal there is the option for 62AA-PBN -radio nav including PBN or 62AA- Radio nav. Does PBN take effect at a later date? I take it we still choose just the option of radio nav no PBN?

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    To take the PBN exam, your ATO must be approved for PBN exams. I understand that, at present Bristol GS does not have that approval. Best check with Noush.

    If you take your exam without PBN now, you will need to take a PBN supplemental exam at a later stage.

    This is typical EASA. PBN has been around for donkeys years yet they are only now adding it to the syllabus. There are only a few PBN questions in the system.

    I am presently writing a PBN training course for another client (an AOC holder operating a range of aircraft from small business jets up to wide-body jets) and believe me it is not difficult - if you understand the nuts and bolts of RNAV and RNP you can easily pick up PBN, which is a concept developed from the technology behind RNAV and RNP.

    Hope that helps.

    Best Regards,

    Tony Pike

    Give Sergei back his dignity......Simples!


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      PBN replaces the RNAV section in the Radio Navigation syllabus. The UK CAA now have two sets of exams, one including PBN and one with questions for the old RNAV section. If you are a BGS student choose the exams without PBN.

      The procedure for UK ATOs is that, at some time in the near future, we need to switch over to teaching the Radio Nav syllabus with PBN. We are already cleared to do this but are holding off until we have more feedback on the PBN exam questions and until the next iteration of Radio Navigation training material is completed, likely to be before Christmas. From that point new students will get a course with PBN, existing students will continue with the existing syllabus. As Tony says, if you do not do PBN now there will be a requirement to take a PBN course at a later stage, this will likely be run by the operators. As Tony also says this is not going to be a barrier and will probably involve only a short CBT module, we already supply some operators with this standalone training.

      Some BGS customer schools have exercised the option to include PBN early (GAir for instance) so students of those schools already have our PBN material in their CBT. If you are not a BGS student but using our material through another school ask them which exam you should choose.



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        That's great, thanks Tony and Alex for the detailed information


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          Can somebody please help,

          Radio Nav exams. Do I book with or without PBN? I'm sitting the exams at Luton having been a BGS student. Thanks


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            If you are a BGS student you currently book an exam without PBN.