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    Air law 21 has a table that says CAT3B RVR minima is 50m, whereas Radio Nav has a table that says it is 75m. Which is the correct one?
    Edit: Please also refer to CAT2: 350m in Air law and 300m in Radnav

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    Ah, I think this is a historical thing when the JAA requirement was different from ICAO and the Law exam reflected ICAO and the Radio exam reflected JAA.

    I believe it should be 50m for both now. We'll get it changed


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      Sorry for being rude, but I'd love a more definitive answer.
      Is there a place where I can get the actual numbers to use in (all of) the exams?
      Thank you


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        This is all a matter of definition, and then the LO reference (ICAO or EASA)

        ICAO ANNEX 6:
        Category IIIB (CAT IIIB) operation. A precision instrument approach and landing with:
        a) a decision height lower than 15 m (50 ft), or no decision height; and
        b) a runway visual range less than 175 m but not less than 50 m.

        EASA OPS
        Regulation (EU) 965/2012 on air operations ANNEX 1
        Category IIIB (CAT IIIB) operation means a precision instrument approach and landing operation using ILS or MLS with:
        (a) DH lower than 100 ft, or no DH; and
        (b) RVR lower than 200 m but not less than 75 m;

        So, which reference for which Exam???

        This drives us nuts!!! To keep it simple:

        AIR LAW, use ICAO numbers (if you look at the CBT, there is a lesson titled ICAO Approach Procedures

        For OP PROC, definately use EASA OPS minima.

        For RNAV, looking at the notes, EASA OPS.

        The current syllabus LOs are not always very helpful. Looking at the Op Proc LOs, there is no reference given for the approach minima, although I am confident it is EASA OPS that you need.

        So, use the course notes or lessons to reference the minima you need for each subject, these numbers should be backed up by the Question Bank questions and answers.

        I will speak with the SMEs for RNAV and AIR LAW tomorrow, but I am pretty confident that is what you need.



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          Thanks Tom


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            Thank you very much for the answer Tom!
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