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  • Question ID: 610465

    Given: Magnetic Heading = 255° VAR = 40°W GS = 375 kt W/V = 235°(T) / 120 kt Calculate the drift angle?

    3° left
    6° right
    9° left
    6° left

    On CRP-5:

    Place Centre Dot on a convenient TAS (e.g. 400 kts)

    Rotate Wind Computer to put wind direction (235°T) on True Heading Index

    Make a Wind Mark on Centre Line 120 kts below Centre Dot (over 280 kts).

    Calculate True Heading:

    Magnetic Heading = 255°

    Magnetic Variation = 40°W

    Variation WEST Magnetic BEST, therefore True is LESS

    255°M - 40° = 215°T

    Rotate to put True Heading (215°T) on True Heading Index

    Slide Wind Computer to place Wind Mark over Ground Speed (375 kts)

    Read drift = 6° Left (Port)

    Tony I hear what you are saying about getting it right on the CRP, but I cannot see how a drift angle of 6 is found in the above.

    I get more like 8.1ish (closer to 9 than 6 anyway). I am going wrong or is this 'one of those questions'?

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    Re: Question ID: 610465

    I think you may be putting the centre dot over 375 kts in the final stage, whihc produces a drift of something like 8 - 8.5 degrees left.

    You must place the wind mark over 375 kts.

    Best Regards,

    Tony Pike

    Give Sergei back his dignity......Simples!


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      Re: Question ID: 610465

      Thanks Tony, I think sometimes you look at something for long enough, you cannot see the forest for the trees, as they say.


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        Hi Tony, Muhammad here, with the above question ID , I am still getting 9 Degree port drift, tried 5 times didn't work out to be 6 degree, would you please try this on your CRP5 and let us know. Kind Regards Muhammad Khan


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          Hi Muhammad,

          Read Tony's last comment carefully. He says, "Put the windmark over 375 kts." The windmark is the mark that you put onto the CRP 5.

          Best wishes