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General Navigation Examination - Equipment Required

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  • General Navigation Examination - Equipment Required

    General Navigation Examination
    Equipment List

    ALL General Navigation examinations will contain questions that require you to use a Flight Computer of some description.

    Occasionally, an exam will crop up which will be heavily biased towards performing calculations on the CRP-5. This is totally unpredictable so you DO need to be prepared for all eventualities. As for equipment, this is the list of equipment you can and cannot use in the exams.

    * CRP-5 Flight Computer 'Whizzwheel' or other suitable alternative WITHOUT a Wind-Arm (make some questions difficult to answer)
    • You CANNOT use a 'whizzwheel' that has formulae printed on it.
    • You CANNOT use an electronic version such as the CX-1.

    * Jepessen Charts E (LO) 1 / E (LO) 2 and E (LO) 1A
    • For UK students, you MUST take your own charts into the examination - you will NOT be provided with photocopies.

    * Protractor - 360 degree circular protractor is preferred but a 180 degree semi-circular protractor is sufficient

    * Electronic Calculator PLUS spare batteries - Again this CANNOT be programmable, the Sharp 83 (battery powered) and 85 (Solar powered) are suitable examples

    * Drawing set - a decent set of dividers (for distances) and a drawing compass (for DME arcs) will be enough

    * A sharp 2H pencil - soft pencils are not recommended, you need something that can draw clear, fine lines

    * A non-permanent super-fine black OHP marker pen - ideal for marking the wind side of the CRP-5, plus a tissue for cleaning the marks off


    The 5 'P's' of the CRP-5 - Practice, Practice, Practice, Practice, Practice.
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