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V2: Q12923 & Q318. To find W/V.

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  • V2: Q12923 & Q318. To find W/V.


    Please help me with these questions Q12923 & Q318 (both from V2). Next week I'm going to take GEN. NAV. ATPL(A) exam.

    Given: True Track 239° True Heading 229° TAS 555 kt G/S 577 kt Calculate the wind velocity.
    Correct answer: 130°/100kt

    The following information is displayed on an Inertial Navigation System: GS 520 kt, True HDG 090°, Drift angle 5° right, TAS 480 kt. SAT (static air temperature) -51°C. The W/V being experienced is:
    Correct answer: 320° / 60 kt

    For unknown wind calculation I use explanation from Jeppesen flight computer manual ----->

    But that explanation doesn't work with Q318. The Q12923 is correct.

    Maybe there should be other solution for Q12923?????

    I'd really appreciate any help!!!
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    Re: V2: Q12923 & Q318. To find W/V.

    I couldn't open your link to see the explanation you used, but I'm pretty sure this is the way to solve the questions, or at lest, it works for me.


    True track = 239°
    True heading = 229°

    Heading > Track = +10° = 10° right drift.

    On wind side of CRP-5

    Set TAS 555kt and heading 229°.

    GS = 577kt and Drift is 10° Right, so put a mark where 10° on the right corresponds to a speed of 577kt.

    Rotate so that the mark is directly underneath the the centre dot on the CRP-5. The wind direction should now be displayed at the top and the wind velocity will be TAS - Speed where the mark is at.


    I get the correct solution using the same method, using:

    True Heading = 090°
    Right Drift = 005°
    TAS = 480kt
    GS = 520kt

    I hope that all made sense and is correct, as I said, I get the correct answer for both questions this method.


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      Re: V2: Q12923 & Q318. To find W/V.

      Thanks. It's just my fault. Everything seems so confused
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