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    This is the question within the bank:

    During visual navigation in freezing conditions, after heavy snowfall, which of the following landmark will give the best reference for a visual checkpoint:
    1 - Large River
    2 - A railway
    3 - A Country Road
    4 - An Electrical Line

    The answer within the bank is: Large River

    I believe it is an "Electrical Line" purely because a large river can freeze and with continuous snow it could be potentially covered, whereas an Electrical Line cannot/or be limited covered due to a small surface area. Is this the right way of thinking about it?

    Could you please re-asses and confirm the answer?

    Thank you

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    If you were flying in the UK the answer would be the river as the rivers would not freeze in temperatures that would allow a heavy snowfall.
    However, I believe the examiner wants the power line answer so stick with that.


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      I've changed the answer to the power line- it will appear after the approval process.


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        i got this question today. In the exam it doesnt say power line, but highpowerline (the really big ones that transport large cables)
        i would imagine that after very heavy snowfall and lots of freezing, if all the rives are frozen over, these large blackmetal towers and darkcoloured high powercables are still visible.

        during the exam it made sense to me. (But yeah, still is my initial hunch too to choose a river in most parts of europe &#128522