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  • Question 610269

    I am struggling to understand why the answer is 278M. In the comments below, it says to find and use the 8W variation applied to 270T to give 278M.
    However the nearest variation at the mid point between WTD and KER is 4W!

    I'm based on the new Jepessen E(LO) 2 chart. On the chart provided in the question, the variation looks like to be between 8W and 7W.

    In this case, which one should I rely on? The chart provided by the question or the new paper jepessen chart that I have?

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    The new chart E(LO)2 is from 2017 and that is the one you should use
    The old one is from 1998
    The variation has changed by 3-4 degrees during this time.
    Use the same technique as in this old question but, as it is the new Jeppesen chart you will use in the exam, use the modern variation.
    The answer should be 270 degreesT + 4 degrees West giving 274 degrees Magnetic.


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      That's what I got here 274M, correct.
      Thanks for the tips.