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  • New version of the Jeppesen manual


    I've completed the PT08 test of the general navigation, I've ran into some (minor) issues with the test, due to the fact that the charts in the student manual have been updated to 2017 charts.

    - E(LO)1 chart refered in the course has become the E(LO)2 chart (I believe coverage is slightly different too)
    - Magnetic variation has changed so some answers relatated to radials aren't that definite anymore if choices are close together
    - Question N993981 : the position requested to find is now off-chart
    - Question N993977 : The CRN VOR is no longer on the chart (it also affect the plotting course, one example given being based on that one)

    Kind regards.

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    Hello again, there seems to be a confusion between two charts on the answers given :

    If the reference chart is the one given in illustration with the question, both B and D are possibly incorrect
    If the reference chart is the 2017 one in the new Jeppesen manual both C and D are incorrect

    The correct answer is D, but the explanation says the correct DH is 200ft which is only correct on the 2017 chart (unless I'm missing something)