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    Hello, I am trying to understand this question's explanation but I got stuck where it says wind correction 006 degrees.... I am not getting this number. There is a true track of 002 after correcting for variation and a wind of 050/40 knots. I am getting an true heading of 022 and GS of 282 knots. What am I missing? Where did the 006T and 420 knots come from?

    Question 610307
    An aircraft is flying from SALCO to BERRY HEAD on Magnetic Track 007

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    On your CRP-5:
    Use the high speed side of the slider.
    Put the centre dot over the TAS you are given in the question (445).
    Next put the wind direction 050 deg True under the True Heading marker.
    Count down the wind speed (40KTS) from the centre dot and make a small mark (above 405 KTS).
    Next put your calculated True track (002) under the True Heading marker.
    Your wind mark will have moved to be over the 4 left drift line.
    Now move your True Track of 002 to the left until it is under 4 left drift to the left of the True Heading index. Your wind mark should still be over the 4 left drift line and so your computation is complete.
    Read off the heading of 006 True under the True Heading marker.
    The wind dot will be sitting over a Groundspeed of 420 KTS.
    This is telling you that if you are tracking 002 True with a TAS of 445 and a wind of 050 True at 40 KTS then your heading is 006 True and your groundspeed is 420 KTS.
    Hope this helps