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CRP 5 with Wind-Arm

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  • CRP 5 with Wind-Arm

    I have just purchased the study pack which includes the CRP-5 With Wind-Arm, looking at the sticky at the top of this subject it says the following regarding what you need:

    * CRP-5 Flight Computer 'Whizzwheel' or other suitable alternative WITHOUT a Wind-Arm (more trouble than useful)

    Is there an easy way to remove the Wind-Arm or should I have been sent one without?

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    The wind arm is useful if you are using it "for real" but can get in the way for some exam calculations. If you can work ok with it then leave it on. Otherwise cut it off . Dismantling the CRP 5 to remove it might cause you more problems. The new CRP5s all seem to come with the wind arm.