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    Please refer the attached question & the diagram.
    Position "S" gets affected by Continental Polar air mass,however the answer is contradicting.

    Appreciate if anyone could clear my doubt.
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    In the case described by the picture, the wind will come straight from the north (High pressure on the left > clockwise rotation along the isobars).

    Air traveling mostly above water > maritime
    Coming most likely directly from the N-Pole > Arctic
    In november, the sea in the region will still be relatively warm (Gulfstream and so on) so the bottom layer of the air mass will pick up moisture and heat creating, instability due to the low temperature of the air layers above. Hence the correct answer being showers of rain and snow.

    Only if the isobars were horizontal with the High pressure zone in the North would the air mass being pushed from Siberia, and would then be indeed continental and polar, but this is not the case described by the picture.


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      ArnaudN, thank you for the explanation