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  • Ceilings

    Marseille Information gives you the following meteorological information for Ajaccio and Calvi for 1600 UTC: Ajaccio: wind 360/2 kt, visibility 2000 m, rain, BKN stratocumulus at 1000 FT, OVC altostratus at 8000 FT, QNH 1023 hPa. Calvi: wind 040/2 kt, visibility 3000 m, mist, FEW stratus at 500 FT, SCT stratocumulus at 2000 FT, OVC altostratus at 9000 FT, QNH 1023 hPa. The ceilings (more than 4 oktas) are therefore:

    A. 1000 ft at Ajaccio and 500 ft at Calvi
    B.1000 ft at Ajaccio and 2000 ft at Calvi
    C. 8000 ft at Ajaccio and 9000 ft at Calvi
    D. 1000 ft at Ajaccio and 9000 ft at Calvi (Correct)

    Anyone to explain what this Q is actually asking and why D is the correct answer please would be much appreciated.


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    Hi Phanos,
    the question is asking you just what the ceiling is at Ajaccio and Calvi.

    Ceiling is defined as the lowest cloud base covering more than half the sky, so you need to look up for coverages of at least 5 oktas or more (therefore you need to take into account just BKN and OVC cloud coverages), up to 20000 feet.

    In Ajaccio the lowest cloud base is Broken at 1000 ft and thus it is your ceiling here.
    In Calvi the first two cloud coverages are Few and Scattered, so they cover less than half the sky, while the third one is an Overcast at 9000 feet, which is below 20000 feet and covers more than half the sky, so that is your ceiling here.

    Hope this helps you,


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      Thanks Francesco