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Question 501393 - Water Vapour

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  • Question 501393 - Water Vapour

    Hello everybody,

    The correct answer given for question 501393 is :

    Mist is a reduction of visibility due to the presence of water vapour in the air.
    As I understand it, mist comes from water droplets (= liquid water state) and reduces visibility.

    As per Wikipedia:

    Water vapor, water vapour or aqueous vapor is the gaseous phase of water. It is one state of water within the hydrosphere. Water vapor can be produced from the evaporation or boiling of liquid water or from the sublimation of ice. Unlike other forms of water, water vapor is invisible.[4] Under typical atmospheric conditions, water vapor is continuously generated by evaporation and removed by condensation. It is lighter than air and triggers convection currents that can lead to clouds.
    As a consequence, water vapour is an invisible gas, which cannot reduce visibility.

    The correct answer should be something like "due to the presence of a water-saturated air mass", no ?