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    Morning, fellow qbk lovers

    Could anyone shed some lights on this question, please?

    (Refer to Annex 050-4384)
    Which of the following statements is true?

    a) The moderate icing conditions overhead Zurich are forecast in a layer between FL 140 and above the limit of the chart.
    b) The wind speed in the core of the jet stream near Bordeaux (B) is about 80 kt.
    c) On a flight from Copenhagen to Amsterdam you have not to worry about moderate and/or severe turbulence at FL 150.
    d) The west part of the front system over Spain moves to the south with 10 kt and the eastern part of that front over Spain moves to the north.

    I agree and understand why it is answer b, but looking at the SWC, and the route CPH-AMS, we are looking at 5-7 OKTAS of CU, AC, with moderate TURB and Icing from below the chart (FL100) to FL 110, and therefore, 4000 ft above, wouldn't we be out of the turbulences, making answer c also valid?



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    I have been watching the chart for few minutes and is not very clearly like always... and i agree with your question, my suspicion is that the box at Zurich saying BKN OVC CU AC 150 - XXX might be included into the cloud that is affecting CPH. Yes... might be.. its really difficult to see if that box is part of the cloud over or not.

    So i can only find that, but totally not sure!


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      Hello, Martin,

      Looking at it again, I think that's the closely most sensible explanation.
      Thanks, mate,