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Subtle Answers - how to decide?

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  • Subtle Answers - how to decide?

    Hello ladies and gents,

    I am due to sit HP next month and going through the BGS question bank. Questions such as these end in quite some deliberation. It's almost not material based but situational based.

    Visualising myself in that cockpit with my Captain casually lighting up and smoking a ciggy I'm thinking; is this even legal, it's a massive safety risk, and my health and capability of now flying an aircraft safely is now affected by the Captain's detrimental actions. Does this demand immediate action or wait to be resolved at the flight debriefing. By the stated answer it appears to be the latter.

    Do do you have any advice for these types of questions in the exam for where there's a situational input to an answer with multiple possibilities? Just rehearse the question bank example answers?

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