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    Can someone explain this please as I thought the answer required an Even FL?

    (Refer to Annex 033-007 or use Route Manual chart E(HI)2)
    An aircraft has to fly from ALMA (55°25'N 013°34'E) to PETER (56°50'N 013°35'E).
    Excluding RVSM, what is the lowest Flight Level above FL400 that can be flown on an IFR flight Plan?

    View Annex

    FL 410

    FL 420

    FL 440

    FL 430

    Refer to E(HI)2

    Locate ALMA and PETER

    On this section of airway = E> Even level required

    ABOVE FL 400, iaw ICAO (ignoring RVSM) – look at schematic (on the chart at N59° E019&deg

    At or above FL290, EVEN ? 310, 350, 390, next in sequence FL 430
    PPL/Night/IMC (ATPL theory completed between March 2014 and August 2015, with CATS)

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    Re: Question ID: 330079

    OK - if you reference the front panel of the E(HI) 4/5 Enroute chart, you will see the schematic showing the ICAO Semicircular IFR Cruising levels. The right hand circle is labelled 'AT OR ABOVE FL290', so this is the one we need ...

    If you look at the ODD levels, they list FL290, FL330, FL370 ... etc

    If you look at the EVEN levels, they list FL310, FL350, FL390 .. etc

    Now, the EVEN levels here do not sound very EVEN, BUT, ICAO rules, at or above FL290, the vertical separation required between aircraft is 2000ft. This 2000ft separation requirement makes all the MATHEMATICALLY EVEN levels unuseable. HOWEVER, the convention still refers to ODD and EVEN levels, its just that the numbers don't quite make sense.

    SO, for this question, we need an EVEN level - so look at the schematic .... above FL290 they list FL310, FL350, FL390 ... etc ... these are in 4000ft intervals, so the next one will be FL430.

    ABOVE FL290, ICAO, just look at the schematic - do not worry about the maths!!

    Hope that helps



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      Re: Question ID: 330079

      as ever Tom, thank you...

      PPL/Night/IMC (ATPL theory completed between March 2014 and August 2015, with CATS)


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        I would like to ask about this same question.

        I understand that above FL290 the "even" levels are mathematically odd.

        But the problem:

        From ALMA to PETER the heading is 360 which is classified as eastern headings. This should require ODD flight level, right?



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          Hi Harri
          If you look at the E(HI)2 chart between Alma and Peter, just below the airway designator UG55, you will see the symbol E>. This means that although the track would suggest an odd flight level on this airway it is even flight levels in this direction.
          Hope that helps


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            Thank you dr Jones! That explains the thing.