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    I dont agree... at least on my chart the levels do not do what this question says they do! Plus no reference to the E Hi 4 CAA chart in the question...
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    Re: 330088

    This question simply requires application of the ICAO IFR SEMI-CIRCULAR CRUISING LEVELS RULE. You might be able to remember the levels, but probably better to reference the rule which is shown on the front panel of the E(HI)4/5 CAA EDITION.

    I think you may be looking at the E(HI) 3/4 ... different chart ... the E(HI) 4 CAA Edition is the 4/5 version (if you look at the top it says CAA FOR CPL/ATPL EXAMINATIONS).

    Be very careful with this - the two E(HI) 4 charts (3/4 and 4/5) are quite different in places - there are several questions out there where you will get the wrong answer if you reference the 3/4 version instead of the E(HI) 4 CAA Edition - which is the 4/5