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    "(Refer to Annex 033-009 or Flight Planning Manual MEP1 Figure 3.6)
    A flight is to be made to an airport, pressure altitude 3000 ft, in a multi engine piston aireroplane (MEP1). The forecast OAT for the airport is -1° C. The cruising level will be FL 110, where OAT is -10° C. Calculate the still air descent distance for: 145 KIAS, Rate of Descent 1000 ft/min. Gears and flaps up"

    The solution graph has been done using ISA -10° instead of just OAT -10°, as stated in the question. With this wording, it comes out to be about 27NM.

    - Lexie

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    Re: Question ID: 330191

    You are correct - wrong temperature used for the CRUISE (TOD)

    So, enter base scale LEFT SIDE at -10⁰C, go vertically up to 11000ft, across to the distance line, then down to read the scale - which gives a distance of 29 NM

    Repeat for the aerodrome, which I think is correct on the graphic - distance of 7.5 NM

    SO, distance for descent 11000ft to aerodrome at 3000ft (29 - 7.5) = 21.5 NM (so closest answer still 20 NM)

    I will change the graphic to relect this