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    Hi all, I seem to have found an error I think in this question. It says refer to Figure which is correct, FL330 with Long Range Cruise but in the answer it says get TAS from FIG gives TAS, ie 430, but that table is for Mach 0.74 not long range cruise? Pls explain?! Also what weight do I use below to get my TAS? Thanks

    Refer to Flight Planning Manual MRJT 1 Figure and Figure 4.3.1b)
    Given: twin jet aeroplane, Zero Fuel Mass 50000 kg, Landing mass at alternate 52000 kg, Final reserve fuel 2000 kg, Alternate fuel 1000 kg, Flight to destination: Distance 720 NM, True Course 030°, W/V 340°/30 kt, Long range cruise, FL 330, Outside air temperature -30°C
    Find: Estimated trip fuel and time with simplified flight planning
    4400 kg, 02 h 05 min

    4750 kg, 02 h 00 min
    4600 kg, 02 h 05 min
    4800 kg, 01 h 51 min


    The question wants ?SIMPLIFIED PLANNING? ? FIG4.3.1B To use this, we need WIND COMPONENT ? FIG gives TAS (+TRUE COURSE, WIND and WIZ WHEEL = GS ? ?CAP 697 MRJT FIG page 49 ? TAS 430 kt, ISA at FL330 -50°C?OAT -30°C ..?ISA +20°C? TAS 450 kt ? GS 430 kt ? 20 kt HEADWIND LANDING MASS (at DEST) = ZFM + ALT FUEL + FINAL RESERVE = 53 000 kg Now ? FIG 4.3.1B ? (Refer to Diagram) 4850 kg, 1.9 hr ? 1 hr 54 min

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    Re: FLT Planning Ques

    I'm looking at Question 330279 on BGS Online - the wording in the worked answer there is a little different to the one you have .. which as you say is not quite right.

    The point is they reference a simplified graph (4.3.1b) - to arrive at the answer we need the following data:
    Pressure altitude
    Temperature deviation

    To get the WIND COMPONENT, we have the course and wind, so we need TAS and a wiz wheel to arrive at a wind component - now we can find a TAS in the detailed planning tables, and all we need is an 'about' figure. Looking at 33000ft, page 31, the TAS is going to be about 430kt. With that and our wiz wheel, you can calculate a GS, so you have a wind component.

    To get landing mass at destination = (landing mass at alternate + alternate fuel) = 53000kg.

    Can I ask where you found the wording you have shown - needs sorting! Look at the BGS Online version - there is also an image of the worked answer.



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      Re: FLT Planning Ques

      Hi Tom,

      Thanks for the reply.

      This was from the Bristol online question bank!




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        Why is there an assumption that we are to look at fig, when there is no mention of referencing that fig, in the question? How are we supposed to know to do this?


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          ....And using this table at a weight of 53.000 kg, I get a TAS of 433 + 20 (Because of ISA+20) = 453 and not 430 ???
          Pls explain