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  • table interpolation

    Hi people, hope someone can help. I am stuck on the flight planning element of the turbo jet section. You have to interpolate the numbers in the tables to get a value you are looking for and I have forgotten how do go about extracting / working out the number that i require. Can anyone describe how do interpolate?

    Many thanks

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    kingsimbo - let me know which charts you are talking about...simplified or detailed planning?



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      As an example, have a look at page 73 of CAP697 (it is where the book fell open)

      Let us say you want to interpolate a cruise distance for a gross weight of 49450kg. The table has values for 49400 and 49500. These are:
      49400kg = 3195 NAM
      49500kg = 3215 NAM

      To interpolate, subtract one from the other: 3215-3195=20.
      divide this by the difference in the weights (100kg) 20/100=0.2

      Therefore at this point in the table each kg of mass increases cruise distance by 0.2 NAM. For 49450kg, we use the value for 49400kg and add (50*0.2)=10 therefore the answer would be 3195+(50*0.2)=3205 NAM.

      BTW I am not saying this is how the table should be used, I am using the table as a way of demonstrating an example of interpolating numbers in any table.

      I hope that was what you were looking for...


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        This Video will definetly help