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  • MEP1 exercise

    Hello everybody. I have a problem with the sample MEP1 exercise printed on page 5.23 of Flight Planning section. The exercise asks to find the minimum ramp fuel for a trip.
    No problem in finding taxi, climb, descent and 45' reserve fuel: I checked that my calculations are correct (according to the sample solution).
    I found a little difference (17lbs total) in trip and contingency fuel.
    The problem is related to TAS: according to the CAP697 graph (MEP1 section, page 6), flying at 65% power at a PA of 8500ft and OAT +8°C (+10°ISA) gives a TAS=174KT. The sample solution actually states that TAS should be 169KT.
    I can't understand from where that 169KT comes out!
    According to the graph, my only explanation is that 169KT is the correct value for flying at 65% power at 8500ft, with OAT=-13°C (like in the graph example).

    Please help me!

    Many thanks
    Stefano Caini, JAA ATPL-A Mod. 2 in progress

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    Re: MEP1 exercise

    You are correct - and I apologise - I will set the wheels in motion to get this corrected.

    Just read through the MEP exercise - then on to the MRJT!



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      Re: MEP1 exercise

      Have just been through the same exercise, taking data from the Ipad version and notice the TAS in the solution has not been amended to show the correct TAS for a OAT of +8deg as is still showing 169kts.

      Makes you spend a lot of time trying to figure out where you went wrong, when you didn't.



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        Re: MEP1 exercise

        I am sorry about this - the correction is in in the system!!



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          Re: MEP1 exercise

          Ah, thanks for posting this! I thought I was going mad just now!


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            Holy tread resurrection Batman!

            Spent the majority of the weekend going over and over this problem and still can't get the same answers as those published in the lesson. for example 36 lbs of fuel in the climb compared to 47 lbs in the answers. I've even tried working backwards with the answers but I can't get to come anywhere near the FL 65 and +8 degrees C OAT!

            Anyone got an idea where I might be going wrong?

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