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    I am struggeling with this question.
    The explanation says this: The only active area is EH(R) 8 up to FL 85 and if on the CL of L602 and M90 you will not cross it.
    However the MEA for M90 is FL 100, so the minimum continuous FL you can plan is FL100.

    However, I look up EH(R) 8 on the map it gives me MSL-FL65 from 0800-2400 Mon - THU. And 0800-1700 FRI. So where does the FL85 come from?
    I know it has nothing to do with the correct answer in the end, as that comes from M90. Bit I hope it will help me to understand how to use the special use airspace.

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    Thanks for pointing this out- it's a mis-print. I've changed the question explanation to reflect the Special Use Airspace legend on the chart and the correct version will appear after the approval process.
    Explanation should read:
    EH(R) 8 is active Mon-Thu 0800-2400 LT from MSL to FL65 and Fri 0800-1700 LT

    EH(R) 8a is active FL65 to FL660 by NOTAM