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    On MRJT Detailed Fuel Planning page 23 you run through an example question asking for the maximum additional traffic load that could be added and still be within TOM/ZFM/LM limits. For TOM column the MAX TL is 21500kg, for ZFM 17500kg and for LM 18200kg. It says the maximum traffic load is the LOWEST of these 3 but I can't get my head around why it is the lowest and not the greatest. Since you then go on to do the MAX TL column - current traffic load to get the maximum extra traffic load availble, surely it would be the HIGHEST of the 3 that would allow the maximum additional traffic load?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Ahh I think I just understood it - is it because if you don't choose the LOWEST then you would go out of limits on one of the other two?


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      Hi Archie

      Correct, we always start with the lowest:

      If TOM lowest, you cannot load more without exceeding the MTOM and it is lower than MLM than the "extra" that can be accepted at landing without exceeding the MLM

      If Additional to the LM is the lowest we are MLM limited and use this as the starting point. Then we calculate the "penalty" used from take off and add that to the additional to find the additional at Take off. Sometimes, this figure is higher than the additional at Take off, which now becomes the max additional fuel, including penalty. Also do not forget to check tank capacity, if given.

      Hope that helps

      BGS TKI


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        Hi Peter,

        Yes that helps thankyou very much!