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    Hello, in this question you say final reserve is:
    Res 57 ( 45 min at 76 L/h)

    But that is not right it should be 45min at 95L/h.

    (5) Final reserve fuel, which should be: (i) for aeroplanes with reciprocating engines, fuel to fly for 45 minutes;

    Thank you

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    A commercial pilot wants to carry as little fuel as safety & the law permits.

    The law allows you to calculate the 45 minutes at any power setting and any altitude (although close to an airfield is a practical interpretation).

    So you carry 45 minutes worth of fuel at minimum fuel burn, or endurance speed. Why carry fuel for 45 minutes at cruise power when safety & the law doesn't require it?

    The "hold" just implies that you don't have to set cruise power - set whatever power (therefore fuel consumption) you require to hold in the vicinity of an airfield

    Hence the question specifies a holding fuel burn less than the cruise fuel burn.


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      Ahh I understand. Makes sense. Thank you so much for the quick answer
      Have a good day