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Question: 330727 (Island PDP Procedure)

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  • Question: 330727 (Island PDP Procedure)

    This question states:

    "A reciprocating engine aircraft is operating under the predetermined point (PDP) island reserve planning procedure. Given the following planning data:

    Flight time ........................ 2h30
    Flight time TOC to TOD ... 2h
    Fuel flow at cruise ............ 600 kg/h

    What is the minimum fuel overhead the island destination?"


    (a) 1200kg
    (b) 600kg
    (c) 675kg
    (d) 630kg

    With the correct answer marked as (d), 630kg. I am in agreement that 45 minutes' cruise time + 15% is indeed 630kg. HOWEVER - Since it is stated that this is to be an *island destination*, the requirement for 2 hours' cruise time takes precedence, and surely the answer should be (a).

    I have seen that this question has been asked here:

    However I'm not convinced by the response, because the original question specifically states "What is the minimum fuel overhead the island destination", which from what I can see should be 2 hours.

    Any ideas?

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    I think you have talked into a corner! The explanation has a copy of the EASA Acceptable Means of Compliance (AMC1 CAT.OP.MPA 150 (b) which states the regulation the minimum overhead for a reciprocating engine is 45 min +15 % or 2 hours whichever is the smaller.
    A turbine engine is simply 2 hours.


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      Hi Mac,

      Thanks for responding so quickly.

      I do indeed agree that on FPM lesson 17, page 18, it is stated that it is the lesser of 45 mins + 15%, or 2 hours for a reciprocating engine.

      On the next page (FPM lesson 17, page 19), it is stated that:

      "Isolated Aerodrome Procedure: You will always plan to arrive overhead your destination with at least 2 hours' cruise fuel"

      Since this does not refer specifically turbine or recpriocating engines, I took this to be an *additional requirement* applied regardless of aircraft type, that is to be specially applied when you are flying to an isolated destination. I take it that I have just misinterpreted page 19 of lesson FPM 17?

      Many thanks.


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        I am afraid you missed the title of Chapter FPM 17 MRJT Advanced Fuel Planning. MRJT = Medium Range Jet Transport, so so for a Jet engined aircraft the minimum overhead fuel is 2 hours and there is no need to mention Piston / reciprocating engine minimas.
        BGS TKI


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          Thank you Mac, I am aware that chapter 17 is for the MRJT.

          However in fairness, page 18 of this lesson also covers procedures for aircraft with reciprocating engines as I mentioned before. Hence my confusion.

          I'm now happy that the 2 hour isolated aerodrome reserve is for MJRT only. Thanks for your help.


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            I agree that part of the chapter is very misleading, particularly due to the previous page where the PDP is discussed for both aircraft types, then you're told you'll always have 2 hours overhead destination.