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    Isn't supposed to be limited by the lowest value of MTOW/MTOM (10800), MLM/MLW(10500) or Remaining TANK capacity (26600). or do I go literally for the question? anyway not even the question is clear, maximum additional fuel for what? TO? LDG? Tank?
    Since I could upload any amount of fuel but it doesn't specify the landing or penalty.

    Please help me with the logic here!!! since the "explanation; [B]The critical increase is the TAKE-OFF case
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    This is a feedback question and typical of the current Tankering questions. It must be attempted after completing the CBT or Text book section of the course material.
    Additional fuel means how much extra fuel can you carry without breaking the MTOM , MLM or tank capacity maximums
    The limiting mass is the MLM of 10 500 at destination
    The Q tells us that for every extra 1000 kg loaded at Take off we would use 350 Kg carrying it and therefore arrive with only 650 Kg of the original 1000 kg.
    Normally we would then calculate the maximum additional (extra) fuel that could be loaded at Take off to arrive with 10 500 extra at destination
    10 500 / 0.65 = 16 154 Kg (more than MTOM of 10 800Kg)

    In this question we do not need to calculate the extra to be carried as the MTOM is only 300 kg more than the MLM so the maximum additional fuel will be 10 800 kg at Take off and we would therefore arrive at destination with less than 10 500 kg
    We will use 350 kg in every 1000 kg during the flight so we do not have to calculate the arrival mass.
    i.e. 10 000 kg additional at Take off would lose 10 x 350 kg in flight and arrive with 6 500 kg.