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  • jaydotbe
    Oh god, I think I know why I got it wrong.
    I added 32 plus 17 plus 19 = 68NM
    There was another option with 71NM, (not sure of picking the route still)
    I've just looked at the map again
    theres a '3' !!!!!!!
    just before OSMEG!!!

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  • jaydotbe
    started a topic ATS Route Flight Plan Q

    ATS Route Flight Plan Q

    Hello! I did my FP test on Thursday. Failed by 1 mark. ugh. I believe I have a new Question that I have sent to support@bgs but I'd like to start a thread here too as I and a couple of others aren't sure. It went something like this.

    ELO(2) States a route from NORBO to DEAN CROSS. On route T256. What do you put in the flight plan?

    I picked - NORBO T256 DCS 144M 64NM

    The other options include OSMEG and/or RIPNO , both non-compulsory reporting points, so it basically testing whether you should put a non-compulsory point in I think! I essentially went with so it so it
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