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  • LRJT Tankering chart


    Was the chart for FL310 modified recently ?

    The answers to the examples given in the FPM 18 courses don't match what I'm getting from the chart in the PDF.

    Could someone confirm ?

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    Hi Arnaud
    Which specifically are you having problems with? Are you using the correct fuel price ratio and not following the guidance line which is for a different ratio?


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      Hello Mac,

      All of them in fact.

      If I look even at the very first example, which is just the guidance line numbers (0.93 price ration, 2500NAM trip), the optimum TOM is 193 000kg on the chart, whereas the course text says 187 000 kg

      On second look, it looks like the kg scale on the bottom of the chart is not lined up properly.
      The numbers match if I take the chart value in pounds and do the conversion in kg by hand.
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        Example 1. Following the 0.93 ratio to the 2500 NAM line and then dropping down to the Kg scale. It is 187 000 Kg because the scale is read left to right.
        BGS TKI


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          The Ib and Kg scales are not aligned. The little grey lines protruding below the bottom line indicate the 170 , 180 , 190 (1000Kg) points; the black,bold lines are the 400, 420 ... (1000 Ib) positions. If you find the grey line above the 190 (1000) kg and read to the Left 1.5 grey squares represent 3 (1000 Kg). Thus 187 000 Kg.
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            Well, no matter how hard I try, I still read 193 000kg

            Click image for larger version

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              By "lined up" I meant not corresponding.

              Take the 210 000 kg grey line for example, it is corresponding to something like 442 000 lb on the pound scale side, but a hand conversion gives you 462 000 lb


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                I can see your problem and it appears the red lines have shifted in your diagram. I have checked again the latest version of the Flight Planning CBT, Standard v7.3 ATPL(A) 3M which has the correct diagram as per my earlier messages. If you are not using this version, which was updated for the new GSPRM Jeppesen, then contact support for an upgrade.
                BGS TKI


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                  Hi Mac,

                  Yeah sorry for that, I didn't updated the post with the latest news.
                  I've got in touch with Tom from the support last month and he confirmed that the chart uploaded on BGS website was incorrect and had it corrected a couple days later.
                  So all charts available by now are all good.