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    Reduced contingency fuel question.
    I worked both using (i) and (ii).
    In this particular question, using criteria (ii) you will get more fuel than using (i).
    Should we assume in the exam that is always criteria (i) to use? Why did you use answer for (i) if the other calculation gives a greater fuel calculation?

    Hope someone could clarify. Thanks.

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    You will get more CONTINGENCY fuel using calculation (ii) in this question but we must take the contingency fuel associated with the greater TOTAL fuel between calculation (i) and (ii).
    In this case, assuming taxi,final reserve,additional fuel and extra fuel are the same in both calculations and that no alternate is required (DP is less than 6 hours from destination for calculation (i) and no information supplied for calculation (ii)) the biggest difference between the two calculations will be the TRIP fuel.
    For calculation (i) this will be 39 790 Kg
    For calculation (ii) this will be 27 804 Kg

    Therefore calculation (i) will provide the greatest total fuel amount and it is the contingency associated with this calculation that we take as the reduced contingency fuel.

    Hope this helps.


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      JJ Jones That is extremely helpful JJ thank you. Subtle detail but makes things much clearer now. Thanks for your fast response as well!