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  • FP a probable new question

    A friend of mine sent me a question he had sitting FP exam, number should be like this any possible solution ?

    Mramp mass 63060 kg
    Ttom 62800 kg
    Mlm 54900 kg
    Mzfm 51300 kg
    Dom 33200 kg
    Traffic load 12375 kg
    Take off fuel 3575 kg
    Trip fuel 2100 kg
    Taxi fuel195 kg
    Fuel penalty 40 kg each 1000 kg of extra fuel kg
    Tank capacity 16145 kg
    Max extra fuel ?

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    Based on the figures you have provided, the limiting fuel `under-load` is with respect to MLM and equals 7850 kg.
    We now, therefore, have to consider the fuel penalty.
    For every 1000 kg of extra fuel loaded at take-off, only 960 kg of it will remain at touchdown, the other 40 kg has been burnt as a trip fuel penalty.
    We have a ratio therefore of 960/1000 which equals 0.96
    Finally, 7850 divided by 0.96 = 8177.

    Final answer: a maximum of 8177 kg of extra fuel can be uplifted at the departure aerodrome,
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