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  • Fuel Log Amendment

    Hi Tom , Mac ,

    I've come across this question that apparently has appeared in recent feedback and am unsure as to their solution;

    A pilot has planned a flight but the destination reports a weather phenomenon which induced the pilot to update his/her fuel log. Which of the following phenomena does this most likely refer to?

    a) Haze or Mist
    b) Recent Snow Showers
    c) Shallow Fog
    d) Recent Rain Showers

    My thought was that fog may be the most likely to require a potential increase in fuel, although you would have thought that contingency or alternate uplift may have already catered for possible weather disruption. The answer given on AE is Recent Snow Showers, but I cannot work out how they are coming to this conclusion. Is it something to do with a possible runway closure for clearing or reduced braking action that may warrant a diversion? If so, I'm not sure how shallow fog would also not be a valid answer given that the question does not specify an IFR/VFR flight or the ability to perform an autoland (if the fog only has a depth of 6ft)?

    Your help would be greatly appreciated before the exam next week.

    Many thanks,


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    Apparently the answer used to be fog but since snow can persist on the runway and affect BFI, asd, etc, it has been changed to "recent snow showers." (This is according to AE)


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      Sorry I know that doesn't explain it all but there was additional reasoning and was confirmed as being the correct answer. Memorize and forget