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Runway Displace Threshold.

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  • Runway Displace Threshold.

    Good day everyone.
    According to my book Runway length is the physical length of the runway which include Displace threshold. What I also understand it LDA is Threshold to Threshold and we are not allowed to land on Displace Threshold. But according to this Question it says something else.
    1. The landing distance available (LDA) includes:
    1. The length of the runway less any displace threshold distance
    2. The length of the runway, stopway and the clearway
    3. The length of the runway only
    4. The length of the runway and the stopway

      Am I missing something here or is A the correct answer instead of C?

    Here is a different Question I have. Lets say Runway 35 have a displace threshold and Runway 17 does not and we plan to land on 17. Can we add Runway 35 Displace threshold distance to our LDA?
    Thank you