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Graphical questions - are there any in the exam question bank any more?

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  • Graphical questions - are there any in the exam question bank any more?

    I took my Planning & Monitoring exam on Monday (and got 91% - yay!).

    After the exam, it occurred to me that there was not a single "graphical" question - you know, the ones where you have to draw lines on the graph with sub-millimetre accuracy and invariably come up with an answer exactly half-way between two of the suggested answers.

    Furthermore, and I'm not 100% sure about this, but in the course of flicking through the annex workbook during the exam, I don't remember seeing any of those graphs in there. If there weren't any graphs in the workbook, then that would mean that there aren't any of those questions in the exam question bank any more. I kick myself that I didn't think to have a good look through the workbook before leaving the exam to verify what was in there.

    I am of course assuming that the workbook is the same for all candidates. I don't remember having seen my name and candidate number printed on the front of the workbook, so I don't think the workbook is unique to each candidate - otherwise how would they ensure that the correct version of the workbook is placed on each workstation desk? Unless anyone can confirm that the workbook is unique to each candidate, but that would also imply that the questions for each candidate are chosen at least an hour or two before the exam so that the correct workbooks can be printed, and I think that's unlikely because it would make the exam system much more vulnerable to corruption (question choice would be stored in a database, and some IT staff would have access to that and could potentially be bribed by candidates).

    So - has anybody else recently had any of these horrible graph-based questions in the Planning and Monitoring exam?

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    Mike - for whatever reason, I have only just got to this question - but, I believe the workbook is the same for all students, I don't know if there is more than one workbook in use!

    I just have a feeling that the number of CAP 697 questions has been reduced quite significantly - students are still reporting the odd one or two, but nothing like it used to be!

    More research required!