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    A quick question here:
    The question:
    (Refer to Annex 033-033 or Flight planning Manual SEP 1 Figure 2.4)
    Aeroplane mass at start-up 3663 lbs
    Aviation gasoline (density 6 lbs/gal)-fuel load 74 gal
    Take-off altitude sea level
    Headwind 40 kt
    Cruising altitude 8000 ft
    Power setting full throttle 2300 RPM 20

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    Your question was cut short (cut and paste does this sometimes). If your question was that the formula in the explanation for NGM should read NGM = NAM x (GS/TAS) then you are correct. I have corrected it in the databank and the changed version will appear after the next update cycle.
    All the best.


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      Why don't the specify if they want the range in NAM or NGM ?
      Or must we assume with a question like this they always ask for NGM?? How can I know...


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        Thx JJ Jones. Sorry I copied not all but I cannot retrieve the question or its number. Just remember it was a matter of knowing whether they used NGM or NAM in that question. So we will leave it for now. (The formula NAM to/from NGM is clear to me.)