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  • Reduced Contingency Fuel help.

    Hi everyone, I am sitting Flight Planning next week and was wondering if someone could give me guidance regarding the Reduced Contingency Fuel (RCF) procedure and questions 330717 & 330718. My textbooks state that the contingency fuel required when operating under the RCF procedure is the greater of:

    5% fuel from DP to destination aerodrome.


    5% fuel from departure aerodrome to optional refuel aerodrome via the DP.

    In both questions, the greater quantity of fuel is required between the departure aerodrome and optional refuel aerodrome via the DP. The answers however are marked as 5% of the fuel from the DP to the destination aerodrome. Could someone please explain to me why this is? According to my textbooks, the answer should be 5% of the fuel from the departure aerodrome to the optional refuel aerodrome via the DP (or so I interpret it...)

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks,


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    Hi Chris
    These questions are based on feedback and we are really not sure of data given or wording! However we are assuming that the greater amount of total fuel required is that in calculation 1 and therefore the CONTINGENCY element of the calculation is that required in calculation 1 which is "contingency fuel equal to not less than 5% of the estimated fuel consumption from the decision point to the destination 1 aerodrome".

    The CONTINGENCY element in calculation 2 will possibly be more than that in calculation 1 but the greatest amount of fuel required will in most cases be calculation 1 and so the contingency element of calculation 1 is the answer.

    The full regulation is:

    AMC1 CAT.OP.MPA.150(b) Fuel policy


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      The full regulation is quoted in the question answer. I cannot cut and paste it on the forum.

      The document containing the relevant paragraphs is a free download at

      Hope this helps


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        Hi, thanks so much for getting back to me with an explanation, I'll have a read through the regulations.


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          This is stil confusing, since the fuel from Departure to Destiantion 2 Aerodrom, which is the optional refuel aerodrome, is way greater than the fuel from DP to the Comercial detination; and you need to take the greater of the two; making for contigency:

          (b)(1) = 445 kg = 5% of fuel DP to B
          (b)(2) = 1560 kg = 5% of fuel from A to C


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            Hi there, if you look at the explanations to these questions, the EASA regulaions are reproduced. The fuel required needs to be the GREATER of calculations (b)(1) or (b)(2). These are complete fuel required calculations, and whilst the contingecy fuel required for (b)(2) may be greater than that required for (b)(1), we are looking at the TOTAL figure for each of these calculations, which in practice, you can just about guarantee will be the (b)(1) calculation.

            Lastly, there does seem to be a problem with these questoins. We have built them from feedback received from students, and it seems that the data you are presented with in the questions is incomplete, and you are not given enough data to do complete (b)(1) and (b)(2) calculations. My answer is, in the exam, assume calculation (b)(1) is the required calculation. So for this question, it is the contingenct from (b)(1) we need!! Less than satisfactory I know, but that is what we need!

            Read through the explanations again, hopefully that will help.

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              Hello Tom,

              Thank you for that clarification. Much appreciated.