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Question ID: N 991555 - incorrect values

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  • Question ID: N 991555 - incorrect values

    The question requires the range for 45% power to be calculated.
    However the answer refer to the 65% power.


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    CAP 697 Flight Planning Manual MEP 1 Figure 3.2 has two range scales at the bottom. One is the range with 45 min reserve at 45% power and the other is the range with no reserve. The former is the scale to use for this question and is why the question is phrased "Find the range in NM with 45 min reserve fuel at 45% power".
    The power line we need to go to is the 65% line because the question states that " The power is set to economy cruise". Three power descriptions are used in this figure, namely 75% (High Speed), 65% (Economy) and 45% (Long Range).

    Hope this helps


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      Oh I see. That was just language problem. 45 minutes with 45% power equals to reserves and cruise is done with 65%. I didn't pick that up from there.