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FPM Lesson 18 - LRJT

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  • FPM Lesson 18 - LRJT

    I am having difficulty following the example in the Optimum Aircraft Weight graph (Annex 033-055) on page 23 & 24 in FPM Lesson 18 - LRJT. The example is based on the following:

    Fuel price ratio = 0.930
    Cruising Alt. = FL310
    Planned TOW = 200 000 kg
    Air Distance. = 2500 NM

    Determine the optimum amount of extra fuel to be carried.

    After using the graph to calculate the optimum take-off weight, it is obvious that it is lower than the planned 200K kg. The difficulty I am having is that according to my reading of the graph the Opt TOW should be approx 193 000 kg but the text in page 28 states that it is 187 000 kg. What am I missing something here?

    The same thing has occured in the "Solution 4" on page 32. In applying the fuel price ratio of 0.90 to NAM 4500(NM), I am getting an Opt TOW of approx 182 500 kg but again the text states that it is 179 000 kg. Is this interpolation or am I doing something wrong????

    Thanks for your assistance.



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    Also note that I am unable to open the LRJT PDFs charts on page 33 (Windows 10 with Adobe Pro installed). Don't know if anyone else is experiencing this. Can only access these charts on my iPad but unable to print. Any suggestions?


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      Currently - ignore LRJT - there are no questions appearing in the Exams! Some time in the future, they may appear again - but not at the moment!

      I will investigate your printing issues.



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        am experiencing the same problem and I am unable to open the LRJT PDFs charts on page 33 (Mac Book Air 10.11.4).



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          I have the same issue - clicking on "Click here for LRJT.pdf" doesn't do anything on my PC (Win10). I tried changing my default browser from Firefox to IE, but that didn't make any difference.

          I can open them on the iPad, and have done the lesson quiz by leaving it open on the iPad and doing the questions on the PC. There doesn't appear to be an option to print from the iPad, and when I try to print them from the PC during the lesson my browser says that my client is not supported - this happens with both Firefox and IE.

          Fortunately, the only question in the lesson quiz that might have required drawing lines on the graph was a trivial question on tankering where the destination fuel is cheaper than the departure fuel, so you don't need to do anything to answer the question.

          I noticed that the printed book says there are no questions on LRJT in the UK, but the electronic lesson contradicts this and says that there are questions, including the UK.

          I intend to have a look in the Learning Objectives and see whether we need to do anything - but it's still necessary to answer the quiz questions and the progress test.