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FPL:Utilisation Jeppesen Route Manual - Gatwick Venue

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  • FPL:Utilisation Jeppesen Route Manual - Gatwick Venue

    Hello all,

    I have marked with colour pencil every route, waypoint and other information on answers out of the Aviation Exam Question Bank in my Jeppesen Manual.
    How thoroughly do the Examination Supervisors at the CAA Venue in Gatwick check your Jeppesen Student Manual ? Will I have problems if everythin is marked ? In theory it could be just random VORs and Airways and related data, or VFR Routes from A to B, as well as Airports + I have marked lat and long, too, to find coordinates easier when sitting the exam.
    Any experience on this or any other exam venue when doing Flight Planning exams ?
    At my nearest site, which is Jerez, Spain I have been told by several people that you can mark the things that come up while studying questions in the Jeppesen Manual and it won

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    Woops!!! The current rules say you should NOT mark/highlight your JEPP MANUAL - some Exam venues check SOME Jepp manuals, others are more relaxed - so I cannot give you an answer. If you have feedback on Jerez - then you know more than me!!

    In UK, we say NO HIGHLIGHTING - but the odd pencil mark is not a problem .... you have to mark stuff during the course!