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  • Flight Planning Feedback from this week

    classmate had the following feedback from this week, I have my exam next week, anyone know which question numbers are relevant to this pls? Thanks.

    Pre-determined diversion point... Eg, an aircraft is flying A-B using a PDP with a fuel diversion to C. Then it gives distances for all the options, and fuel burn and wants to know the fuel to be carried.
    Some other confusing ones, not seen on QBs, gave fuel figures and a note that contingency was 30% of trip fuel. No fuel totals were given, but only information on fuel burn, and planned flight time... Then wanted to know fuel remaining on board after X number of hours.
    Also a couple of questions where you needed to know the value of standard masses in calculations.

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    PDP questions - we are chasing feedback at the moment - but there are 4 questions on this in the QB - use 'Test yourself' and search 'predetermined point'.

    The question explanations detail the rules - you will see that the fuel required should be the greater of calculation (1) and (2) .... at the moment, from the feedback we have, we are assuming calculation 1 will always be the greater!

    30% of trip fuel - there are 5 questions on this in the QB - use 'Test yourself' and search 'Reserve fuel is 30% of trip fuel' - you will find them there!

    While we are on Fuel - search the QB for 'reduced contingency fuel procedure' - this is another area they have been asking the odd question on (there are 3 questions on this)

    Get back to me if you have any questions.