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Q 320564 and similar at CAA

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  • Q 320564 and similar at CAA

    Hi all

    I have a Perf resit next week at Gatwick and just wanted some clarification on 2 questions I got at the CAA last month using the cruise m.78 table which have the bold text.
    the first question was just a fuel flow KG/H/ENG for a twin engine which you just multiply by 2 .

    The second one,i had a mind blank. it asked for the range for a twin engine'd, which I understand would be the 'NM/1000 KG' section.My question is, do we have to multiply that by 2 also?

    Thanks in advance for any help clarifying this.

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    Hi Bonzo,
    I assume you had this table (attached)
    I agree on the first question that you have to multiplied by two since you were told it was a twin engine.
    But on the second one I wouldn't multiplied since as far as I know the SR is for the aircraft independently on how many engines you have.

    How was the rest of the exam, LAST 200 / Golden feedback were helpful? any suggestions? I am taking the exam in a few days.

    Cheers mate and good luck!
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