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Graph to determinate max or min wind component

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  • Graph to determinate max or min wind component

    Once again Hello,

    I had this question figure 2.4 and I dont know how to solve it.

    Use figure 2.4 CAP 698

    Determinate the minimum or maximum wind component
    Mass: 3400Ib
    Pressure alt: 2000ft
    Temp: 32 deg C
    RWY LDA: 1750ft
    RW Slope: +2% upslope

    1) max. 7kt tw
    2) max 2kt tw
    3) min 22kt hw
    d) max 5kt tw

    I had more these question in my exam and I failed on....
    Any help will be appreciate it.

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    Second was Figure 2.1

    determinate max. headwind or max. tailwind comp

    TORA: 2300ft
    ASDA: 2500ft
    TODA: 2750ft
    RWY: Paved and level
    MASS: 3300Ib
    Pressure alt: 1000ft
    temp: 31 C

    1) 10tw
    2) 5hw
    3) 20hw
    d) 3tw

    The same here... Any help will be great!


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      Have a look at 320123. This will show you how to tackle these questions.


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        Sure that I understand, but to be honest ...
        Im quite confused with other information, should I factorized +2% when its landing?
        I just get 2kt tw.

        What of these three should i use please? TORA?


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          Fig 2.1 You would use the shortest after applying the regulation factors. See example in section 2 page 4. In this case it would be the ASDA de-factored by 1.3. 2500/1.3 = 1923ft
          Fig 2.4 you would ignore the upslope. See CAP 698 section 2 page 9 para 5.1.d. The LDA would need to de-factored by 1.43. 1750/1.43 = 1223.
          Are you a BGS student?