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  • Slope factor (perf)

    I ve doubts because in this case , they use a factor for downslope and i though that it is wrong , do i have to use factor for each % of downslope as i do for upslope?
    THANK you guys.

    (For this question use Performance Manual (CAP 698) MEP Fig 3.10) or annex 032-019
    Given the following data, what is the FLLLM?
    Aerodrome pressure altitude 80 ft
    Ambient Temperature: 10
    Landing distance available : 3080 ft
    Wind: 12 kt Head
    Runway slope: 1.5% down
    Runway surface: Grass

    ​​​​​​First de-factor the LDA for the conditions.
    LDA = 3080 ft
    **************Slope correction factor: 3080 ft : 1.075 ********

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    Look at the regulations given in CAP698 section 3 page 17 for the landing requirements.
    "The landing distance should be increased by 5% for each 1% downslope. No allowance is permitted for an upslope."

    Now have a look at section 3 page 2 for the take-off requirements:
    "Take-off distance should be increased by 5% for each 1% of upslope. No factorisation is permitted for a downslope"