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    The attached question did not provide/indicate the "obstacle height" of 50ft, yet it was used in the graph. Are we to "assume" that 50ft "obstacle height" shall always be factored, unless otherwise stated in the question? Thank you.

    (Refer to Annex 032-013 or Performance Manual SEP 1 Figure 2.1)
    An extract of the flight manual of a single engine propeller aircraft is reproduced in annex.
    Airport characteristics: hard, dry and zero slope runway
    Actual conditions are:
    Pressure altitude: 1 500 ft
    Outside tempereature: +18?C
    Wind component: 4 knots tailwind

    For a take-off mass of 1 270 kg, the take-off distance will be:

    615 m
    540 m
    395 m
    465 m (correct answer)
    Provided answer

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    The question asked for the take-off distance. This distance is from the BRP to where the aircraft achieves the screen height of 50 ft Class B.
    If they asked for the ground roll then you would ignore the 50 ft.


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      Noted. Thank you.