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N310362 - Landing heavy

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  • N310362 - Landing heavy


    The question asks about an aircraft forced to return for immediate landing at Dept airfield.

    The airfield is not limited for performance.

    So we're landing heavy - so a higher stall speed than normal. So a higher Vref at the threshold or screen height. So two things might happen:

    1 - You might damage the gear because you're heavy. But this surely depends on the aircraft. We know nothing about this aircraft other than it being multi-engined. If it's a 747 - A380 then returning full of fuel might well damage the gear. If it's a short haul then much less so, and if it's a smaller twin - might be fine?

    2 - The higher threshold speed will result in touching down further along the runway.

    You give the answer as high speed and (1). But high speed and 2 are also a possible answer. Surely 1 is a possibility but 2 is a certainty? Why is landing further down the runway notthe right answer?