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    This question gives a table with masses and moments and we need to calculate the CG. It also includes OIL mass and moment. I thought oil is part of the BEM. Why has this been included as an additional mass/moment when we know it's part of BEM?

    Hope someone can clarify please.

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    Ordinarily you would be correct, when given a BEM it is fair to assume that oil for lubrication, hydraulics etc. is included. However, for this question they have given you a separate value so therefore would need to include it. It could be a can of oil that has been loaded as a spare in case of any leakage. You can't just assume that the oil is already in the aircrafts' system. Also if you exclude the oil from the calculation you end up with a CG at 56.61 which is not an answer option anyway.


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      Thanks Tony.