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Mass and. Balance max fuel calculations

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  • Mass and. Balance max fuel calculations

    Lesson num 5, pages 14-15 explain the method for calculating the maximum amount of fuel. Should the answer not be 23,000 & not 27,000 as you will be landing with the reserve fuels which are given as 4,000?

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    Hi Pat-rr.

    When you work through the table to effectively find the underload for TO and Ldg in this example, the 6000 kg for landing would include the 4000 kg reserves. So to find out the maximum fuel at take off you simply add the trip fuel onto your maximum landing fuel (which includes 4000 kg reserves) i.e. 6000 kg + 21000 kg = 27000 kg. If you took off with 23000 kg as per your question, after using 21000 kg trip fuel you would be landing with 2000 kg, inferring you have used some of your reserve fuel which wasn't a requirement as the question doesn't state that you had to deviate or use any contingency fuel.


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      Cheers for replying Tony.


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        No problem. Good luck with the exam. :-)


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          Some one please help me! (Find Mid Cruise Weight)

          Takeoff weight 65000 LBS landing weight 49750 lbs climb fuel 4500 Pounds Descent fuel 1950 Pounds find mid Cruise weight.!?

          Answer: 56100