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New Mass and Balance question 11/04/18

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  • New Mass and Balance question 11/04/18

    Hi Colin, I had this in my exam today

    Referring to annex, figure 3.3, in terms of the maximum structural take of mass what are the forward and aft limiting factors in respect to the Center of gravity envelope?

    A - FWD 82 AFT 94.6
    B- FWD 90.2 AFT 94.6 <<<<<<< went for this
    C - FWD 90.2 AFT 94
    D - FWD 82 AFT 92

    From the MSTOM on the graph the horizontal line goes slightly past 90, I then drew a line down the page following the angle of the line, where I come to a point just beyond 90, 90.2/90.5

    The AFT I believe is then represented on the limit which is written "AFT limit 94.6"

    Hope this helps and hopefully im correct!


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    Thanks for the feedback.
    Should be 90.5 for the forward limit but answer B is the closest.
    l will send a comment to the Authority.


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      No problem Colin

      Thank you, ye 90.5 was definitely not an answer option!