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no 221165 - In LEG mode the FMS displays the following

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  • no 221165 - In LEG mode the FMS displays the following

    does it display True Track really?
    A pilot with 30 years of experience tells me it is showing Magnetic Heading..
    What is it?

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    Same question for Altitude and Height, what is the FMS/CDU showing ??


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      For B737 NG, FMC leg directions are course (track) except where the first leg is a heading to a conditional waypoint, in which case it will be annotated HDG to remind you.
      Courses are normally magnetic but can be true, depending on set up. If true they will be annotated T to remind you. Without the letter T, they are magnetic.

      Vertical reference is flight level or altitude depending if above or below transition. Barometric height (QFE reference) is not normally used in airline ops.


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        Thanks a lot, all clear. It is often these kind of small details that make you doubt about the answers to be given.
        eg a picture of a FMC is shown with the course with indication 'heading' while they say in the text it is True Track.
        eg they talk about height while the picture shows altitude or FL
        thx again!