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Dip - Offset centre of gravity

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  • Dip - Offset centre of gravity

    Hello everyone!
    I'm struggling to understand something that seems to be easy to understand.

    There is a sentence in this lesson that says:

    "This diagram is drawn for the northern hemisphere and consequently shows the CG lying slightly to the south of the pivot point".

    I'm assuming that the CG is the white circle with a plus sign in the magnet, so the CG is always lying to the south of the pivot point. I just don't get it

    Thanks a lot in advance!


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    The picture shows the magnet dipping towards the nearest magnetic pole, so in the N Hemishere it's North. If there was no dip(magnet horizontal) the C of G would lie immediately underneath the pivot point but because of the dip the C of G has moved to the right (South). It's this movement of the C of G that will cause errors on certain headings when accelerating/ decelerating or in turns through certain headings.