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Type of gyro used in the AHRS

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  • Type of gyro used in the AHRS


    Please could you clarify what type of gyro is used with an Attitude Heading Reference System?

    In the Lesson 11 quiz question 6, the AHRS is referred to as a 3 axis data generator and the answer states that it uses a gyro that has 2 degrees of freedom an a horizontal axis.

    However, the course notes state that AHRS uses a single degree of freedom Rate Integrating Gyro which has a horizontal spin axis.

    Thank you

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    AHRS technology has advanced rapidly in recent years. In all cases they need rate gyros in 3 axes. The most accurate AHRS would use ring laser gyros but these are expensive. Fiber optic gyros can provide sufficient accuracy at less cost and weight. ( Lower cost still are micro electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) based AHRS ( which are now becoming common in light aircraft. Because MEMS rate gyros are less accurate than ring laser or fiber optic gyros, MEMS AHRS combine gyro data with airspeed or groundspeed data and magnetometer data to compute the attitude and heading solution.
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      Hi Ortac,

      Thank you very much for your detailed answer and for sharing the links. I had to watch a few videos to get my head around the Ring Laser Gyros! Sorry I took so long to say thanks, take care!